Are Home Inspections Required?


Though they may seem optional or unnecessary to some, home inspections can serve as a worthwhile investment, especially when it comes to purchasing or selling your home. They provide an accurate depiction of a home’s condition and can even serve as negotiable terms if things are uncovered. Home inspections are not generally required for home loans but some states require them.

A Few Things You Need To Know Concerning Home Inspections

You might be someone who lives in a state that requires a home inspection. The question is: How do you know if you need one? These variables below point out situations when you need one, provided that your state requires it.

1) Do you want to buy a new property? Most new property owners are required to have one, especially if this is their first property. There is a due diligence process, that once again is not mandated in every state. A home inspection is needed for banks who want one before they preapprove a home loan or an extension. You could do the inspection yourself, but that is not going to give you enough results. A home inspection is going to give you comprehensive detail concerning the state of the house. A home inspection will give you information concerning the hot spots in the home. There could be some potential problems you know nothing about. How are you going to beat the problem when you do not know where the problem is.

2) Do you want to sell your home? A home inspection will yield the same results. It is important to know the state of your home before you sell it. You might believe you know your home best because you have lived in it for a certain number of years. However, your eyes are not going to pick up everything. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is needed for an accurate assessment. It is also worth noting that homeowners tend to have a bias. Homeowners like to think their home is special and nothing is wrong. Once again, you could be overlooking something dangerous.

One thing you could also benefit from is a pre-listed inspection. That is the guarantee of the quality of the home before it goes on the market. The home inspection happens after that. A pre-listed inspection gives someone peace of mind. It lets them know that the house they are interested in is of sound quality.

3) Inheriting property is another case when a home inspection can be very useful. Though you may be very familiar with the previous owner and possibly even their upkeep habits, you may not be aware of the more important internal issues that are not as easily seen. Addressing the issue now is going to save you time, money, and stress later.

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