Common Things Found During A Home Inspection

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When someone purchases a home, it is essential to have a home inspection completed. Doing so often identifies issues that may lead the home buyer to determine that this is not the right home for them to purchase or it may provide the ability to obtain pricing concessions that allow the homeowner to reduce the purchase price. Here are some of the common issues that are identified when home inspections occur.

Termite and other Infestation Damage

Many home contractors joke that there are three types of homes; those that have had termite infestations, those that currently have them, and those that will have them. In other words, termites and other pests are a nuisance for any home but how much damage they are able to inflict on a home is dependent on many different factors. A home inspection can identify past termite damage, often by reviewing areas where termites typically invade, such as through the door sill, and can look at the structural integrity of the home to see if the damage is causing significant problems. There are also other infestations of vermin and insects that can occur in a home. By identifying these problems early in a home inspection, the home buyer and seller can come to an amiable solution before the home is transferred.

Mold and Remediation

Mold, particularly black mold, can pose a major risk to a homeowner and a home inspection will search for mold and water damage and provide an early warning that it is present and the extent of the damage. Often, homes that identify significant mold may have flooding issues and other major problems can then be identified.

Asbestos and Removal

Asbestos was a common substance used as an insulation in homes. Asbestos is now banned from home construction as a carcinogen and is no longer used. Some older homes may still have asbestos present and a home inspector will often identify its presence to a homeowner so that they can ensure that this is properly remediated before they step into the home.

Improper or Lack of Permits

Homeowners often renovate their home in sometimes significant ways. Some areas will require that the homeowner apply for a permit for renovations. The requirements will fluctuate significantly from locale to locale and often the purpose is twofold; to make sure the renovations are in compliance with building regulations and to properly tax the home. To save money, many homeowners will renovate their homes without obtaining these permits and an engineer during a home inspection should identify this to the new homeowner.

Code Violations

Many homes have code violations that will not be obvious to a homebuyer. A home inspection can help them to identify these problems early on so that these issues are eliminated and resolved prior to the transfer of the home.

A home inspection is a critical step for any homebuyer and can help to eliminate issues before the title is transferred to them. Above are some of the common things looked for and identified in a home inspection and eliminating them is a critical step for a business.

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