Construction Lender Services

We understand that finding reliable and trustworthy financing for your buildings is tough. Our focus is to become your financial and consultative partner to provide you with the best possible solutions. We are compliant with all the investor and legal requirements needed by construction lenders. We aim to provide our clients with high level services and we are committed towards the overall success of the project. We take great pride in protecting your brand and look forward to a great working relationship. Our healthy track record proves that we are dedicated towards client satisfaction.

Our construction lender services include:
Mitigate construction risk and protect your loan assets. Construction has tons of unforeseen risks and it is our goal to protect you from such risks. We also want to help you finalize your construction with minimal problems. Lack of cash flow is one of the fundamental problems many companies go through which can lead to projects stalling or ultimately failing. We work together with insurance agencies and financial institutions to protect you from these issues. Worker injuries could also lead to serious legal issues so we work together with unions to ultimately protect your investment.

Lender protection through loan management:
Lenders often find themselves in trouble with financial management. Wastage and financial leaks could be the reason behind your stalled projects. Our goal is to provide financial guidance through a carefully thought out plan. We have a team of financial experts and they are available at your disposal. We avoid interfering with your management so that you still have full control of the project. Our goal is to protect your project by providing lender protection. we believe a carefully thought out plan is key to the overall success of the project.

Provide legislative and regulatory landscape guidance:
We use a variety of tools to confirm land compliance and identify land related risks. One of the mistakes many construction agencies neglect is doing a land assessment of various risks. Cases of buildings being raised near areas subject to flooding or water damage are quite common. Water damage to buildings has adverse effects and leads to loss of revenue. Our team of experts are well versed in landscape inspection. We work together to with government bodies to ascertain that you are legally protected and the land is safe for construction. Our system will quickly identify compliance-related risks.

Review contracts and analyze the completeness of document lists:
We review legal documents together with consultants, architects, and testing agencies. Our goal is to ensure you are protected from any legal ramifications. Appraisal of construction costs, budget estimates, and schedules is also part of the document analysis. We work together with you towards a feasible construction timeline and provide all the needed financing. We are a transparent institution and we look forward towards a great relationship. Detailed reports and inspections are carried to provide our clients with the best in construction lender services.