Do I Need A Pool Inspection?

Having a swimming pool to use right in your own backyard is a luxury. You have the ability to swim and cool down whenever you desire or have killer pool parties with friends and family. In order to keep that hot swimming spot in excellent condition, you do need to keep up with regular pool maintenance and have a pool inspection from time to time.

Why Is Having A Pool Inspection Done So Important?
Having a pool inspection done is important because it can actually save you unexpected pool repair costs in the future, and help you maintain your pool’s condition. Making sure the pool is kept in excellent condition also helps keep the value of your home on the up and up.

What Occurs During A Pool Inspection?
During a pool inspection, an inspector will examine the current water levels in the pool. Your pool inspector might recommend the night before a pool inspection, to fill your pool with water up until the fill line. This allows the inspector the next day to see if any water is leaking from the pool by simply examining the waterline. It also helps the inspector figure out if a pipe might be leaking underneath the pool, which owners and the inspector cannot always see with the naked eye.

Another thing that occurs during a pool inspection, is the testing of the water to make sure it is safe and at proper levels for perfect swimming conditions. If conditions aren’t where they need to be, the inspector will advise you on how to improve the water condition with the proper pool chemicals.

After, the inspector will walk around the pool and check the lining of the pool if it has one, the straining baskets that collect loose debris and the pool’s pumps and filters to make sure all these components are working the way they were designed too. If any repairing needs to happen, the inspector will let you know what exactly needs fixing and will sometimes provide an estimate.

What are some of the ways a pool owner can help keep their swimming pool in excellent condition?

* Checking water levels weekly
* Skimming the pool daily from debris
* Checking the water conditions regularly using a test kit
* Adding in the right chemicals when needed, to keep water conditions balanced
* Cleaning out the debris baskets daily to keep the water sparkling clean
* Making sure the pool pumps are working flawlessly
* Making sure there isn’t any tears or cracks in the walls or floors of the pool

What Are Some End Thoughts To Keep In Mind?
If it has been awhile since your pool has had an inspection, you can contact Beatty Inspection Services. They will be more than happy to provide you with one to help you make sure your swimming pool is holding its value and working the way it needs to be. After all, having a pool is a luxury you want to make sure you can always have the ability to use whenever you want to use it.

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