Does My New Home Need A Home Inspection?

Having a home inspection on a new home seems like an unnecessary cost, but getting an inspection on your new home can save you a lot of money in the long run. New homes are built with new homeowners in mind, yet mistakes can still be made. It’s easy for small issues to slip through the cracks when so many different people working on building a home. Home inspections will save you time and money. When a home is first built, before it is bought by the first owners, the builders can still fix repairs. A home inspection can double check anything that might have been missed in the building stage so it does not cost you additional money later. Home inspectors can ensure that you have found any problems or defects before you buy your new home. Inspections are a necessary precaution for new home owners.

You may think that municipal building inspectors do this work for you, however more often than not, municipal building inspectors are not enough for new homes. Their job is to make sure the house is up the city code, not to save you money or fix unfinished parts of the house. A municipal inspector will only make sure that the house is up to building codes which are only minimum standards. Home inspectors examine homes with the homeowner in mind.

Home inspections on new homes can also help keep you and your family safe. Gas leaks have been found during inspections on new homes before. An inspection before you move can help prevent leaks before you move in. Mold, and other organic growths have been found in new homes. Missing insulation has also been a problem. A house that is not properly insulated can increase costs of heating and cooling. Problems with raised roof shingles have also been found. A raised roof shingle can lead to an expensive repair of a rotted roof. These kinds of problems can be easily identified and solved with a home inspection completed before you move in.

Home inspections will also allow you and your family to fix and handle repairs before you move in. Anything found wrong with the home can be fixed without the chaos of moving furniture or personal items.

A proper inspection can help you resell your home later. Home defects can appear in the future when it is time for you to sell your home. If you get an inspection before you move into your home, problems will not be missed. It will save you a lot of money to have any problems fixed early on. Any issues with homes occur right when they are built tend to get worse over time.

Schedule an appointment or consultation with Beatty Inspection Services today! An inspection will more than pay for itself by saving you money in repairs and offering confidence in your home purchase. We can help save you money and keep you and your family safe in your new home.

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