Having the good house is a dream to all of us. An excellent home inspection service can always help one to choose the right home for the family. The first thing you need to do before you get to signing the agreement and the mortgage papers as a home buyer is to check the property thoroughly, and that means that you will have to ensure you do the home inspection.

A home inspection is a crucial aspect of the whole buying process. Once you have bought the property all the attendant problems and issues in that home are yours. Some of these problems may require extensive repairs, and that means that you are shelling out a ton of money on the house that you just bought. If you are thinking of buying a home, commercial building or unit, you must have it thoroughly inspected by a qualified and impartial professional inspector. The experts at Beatty Inspection Services can help you avoid the purchase of houses with major flaws. They would even identify defects that are not visible through naked eyes.

Our highly experienced home inspectors are very proficient in finding any fault in the house. In case you are interested in buying a condo or a town home, you use the services of these experts. For people who wish to make the right investment, must certainly go for home inspection and ensure that their hard earned money doesn’t go down the drain.

Our goals are to attend to your queries and encourage you to ask more questions about the home that you may plan to buy. We want to make sure we answer any questions you have in an easy to understand manner. We will ensure that the review you are provided with has clear information about the entire home including framing, window walls, roof, and attic. We must also cover electrical systems as well as heating and plumbing systems in the home. In case you are interested in infrared home inspection, just ask and we will accommodate you. With this technique, we can easily measure any structural issues through thermal images. This method can reveal the abnormalities in waterproofing system, building envelope, electrical and mechanical systems.

It may tempting to perform the home inspection yourself to try and save some costs, but even the most experienced homeowner lacks the understanding and expertise of a professional inspection service. Our inspectors will be familiar with the key aspects of construction, and the installation and maintenance of all the elements of the home. Most importantly, a buyer may be unable to remain impartial to the home, and this will most likely lead to a biased assessment of the state of the home.

After the inspection of your house is over, our house inspector will prepare the final draft about the inspection, and it usually contains suggestions about the repair of the damaged areas, as well as also highlights the areas where damage might occur shortly. Contact us today for a consultation.