Mold Assessments and Remediation Clearance

When someone suspects that there may be mold in their house, they may contact a professional to help. At Beatty Inspection Services we can come out to your home or business and do a series of tests. We can test for mold in the air and the walls or ceiling. Test results may be immediate or may take some time. Once the issue is confirmed, an estimate of the repair will be given. Some people will spot mold in their home, or they will begin to develop physical symptoms.

When someone is getting it hard to breathe in their house or feels as though they have an allergy to their home, they may suspect a growth in the walls. Even when a problem exists in a house, it may not be obvious to the naked eye. If the problem has been found in the home, our specialists will create a plan of action to banish it from the house. They can use sprays, soap and water and chemicals to clean up the mess. If the mess goes deep within the walls, the drywall may have to be replaced. There may be different ways to treat the problem, and these ideas can be discussed with the home owners. Some people may prefer chemicals to softer agents, while others may prefer a more holistic approach to cleaning. Often when the drywall is taken down, the insulation is often replaced at the same time. The job may be extensive and time consuming for the homeowner to do on their own. Removing drywall may involve renting a bin for the front of the home for quick disposal. If a problem is suspected in a ceiling, we may have to replace the ceiling and recommend a new roof at the same time. If there are areas in a home where water can leak in, the problem may only reappear again. If a repair can be found and done early, it could prevent the growth from getting into too much of the house. The worst effect that this type of outbreak can have on your family’s health is causing people’s allergies to react in a very negative way. This should be inspected as this type of mildew is full of allergens. Also, consider that some people develop allergies that they didn’t previously have because of this type of outbreak. This is why it has to eliminated if found in heavy volume. One of the most popular methods for testing, allows a home owner to test their house without the need of a professional. It requires the use of a product that is a type of testing kit. As long as you are using an official, and qualified, type of kit, you should get the best and most accurate results. However it usually best to always get second opinions from a professional. Beatty Inspection Services has been in business since 1987 and we have helped thousands of homeowners and business owners throughout the years. We a registered professional inspector with the Florida Association of Building Inspectors and also the American Society of Home Inspectors. However when you are researching mold inspection companies be wary of those with “mold fever” which refers to the type of professionals that makes a big fuss over small, common, finds because they want to sell additional services to you. People who discover that there is a pretty heavy presence of such mildew within their home, are going to several alternatives when it comes to removing it. Your home is one of your most valuable assets and should be treated as us such so leave it to the professionals at Beatty Inspection Services to do a proper mold inspection of your home. Contact us today for a consultation.