Potential Issues To Look For When Buying An Older House

When in the market for a new home, one of the many decisions you’ll likely first encounter is the choice between buying a brand new home or purchasing an existing, possibly older home. There are advantages and disadvantages to either choice, though some may argue that there is more to deal with in an older home. One of the potential issues you may have to address in going with an older home are underlying or unforeseen issues upon inspection. Since your new home is an investment, it is wise to know exactly what you may be dealing with in order to make the best decision.

Electrical Problems

As technology has advanced, the need for electrical systems in homes to handle modern usage is an important factor. There are many more appliances than there were fifty years ago. There are also more people in a household that can require more electrical capacity – for example, with 5 people in a home, each probably has a phone and a tablet at minimum, in addition to all the other general home appliance needs. Homes built before 1950 may be susceptible to outdated wiring techniques like knob and tube, which lacks the ability to handle average electrical use in homes today.


The choice between a wood or CBS (concrete block and stucco) constructed home will be another factor you will certainly face to decide. While most wood constructed homes have a great deal of character, they are also vulnerable to termites. Early signs of termites may be not easily seen upon first inspection and can develop into a much larger, frustrating and costly problem if not addressed early on. A thorough home inspection can uncover any termite damage or existence that needs to be addressed.

Water Issues

Another major issue that can be exposed with a home inspection are issues with water. This can include plumbing or water sources, like wells. Throughout the years, drilling techniques have updated and some plumbing materials have become outdated. Knowing what your potential new home’s existing water status is important to know as it can be incredibly costly to repair or replace.

Roof / Ceiling

The roof and ceiling are also integral items that should be inspected in your potential new home. As with all other issues discussed, codes and materials have improved over the years and the roof/ ceiling may not be up to today’s higher standards. There may also be structural concerns underneath the roof that an inspection professional can inform you of.

If you decide to purchase an older home, don’t let its topical charm dissuade you from taking the proper precautions of performing a complete home inspection before committing to the buy. Even if the potential home has issues, being aware of issues can not only offer knowledge and peace of mind but also potential bargaining power in the sale. Beatty Inspection Services can be there for you during the home buying process to help you make the right decision for you and your family. For a consultation and to schedule an appointment contact us today at 561-744-4780

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